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Why Switch to Propane

Propane, an important part of America's energy mix for more than a century, is a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refining. What makes propane popular with user, however, is what separates it from conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel.

With an all-propane home, you'll also enjoy greater efficiency and energy savings compared with all-electric homes. When you include propane appliances throughout your home, you can give your family even greater comfort, from endless hot water to softer clothing and cozier heat on cold winter days.

Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that burns cleanly and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources. In addition, propane is a non- poisonous, non-toxic fuel, that won't contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use anywhere.


Save Money and the Environment by Switching to Propane


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Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program


As part of its effort to research, develop, and demonstrate the effectiveness of propane technology, PERC is offering a monetary incentive to qualifying and select builders who build new homes that follow the Propane Energy Pod model and include propane equipment for space heating, water heating, cooking, and other heating and power applications.

To promote the construction of Pod homes within the United States, the Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program offers builders up to $1,500 for each new home built to the Propane Energy Pod model. And builders are eligible to receive the incentive for up to five homes per state, for a total of up to $7,500 per year. It's a win-win for you and your customers, who will enjoy the improved energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and carbon-emission reductions of Pod homes when compared with all-electric counterparts.

Earn up to $7,500 by building new Propane Energy Pod homes.

Earn up to $7,500 by building new Propane Energy Pod homes.

To qualify for selection into the program you must:

  • Be a U.S. builder and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be claiming up to 5 incentives per year, per state.
  • Agree to the program’s data reporting requirements.